Pintail Project

Pintail before Pintail before

December 2003
Somewhere in its lifetime this Pintail received several hard blows to the hull - below and at the waterline, and on the deck/hull rubrail.  The hits on the hull were hard enough that they damaged the outer fiberglass skin and the inner core.  The hit on the rubrail (port aft) had cracked the fiberglass on the deck and hull.  Someone had attempted to repair the hull damage by replacing the end grain balsa core with hardwood and then covering with polyester resin/fiberglass.  Other items that need(ed) attention are: Several soft areas in the cockpit floor, centerboard trunk, centerboard is corroded away at the pivot bolt area, cleats on mast need replacing, sails are in very poor shape with many large stains and holes, all sheets and lines need replacing.

Removing Core Material Removing old end grain balsa core from hull
Installing New End Grain Balsa Core Material Intalling new end grain balsa core on hull
Applying Fiberglass and Filler Applying fiberglass and epoxy resin
Splitting the Hull and Deck Splitting deck from hull
Transom Repair Transom recoring and repair
Updating the Inside of the Hull Updating the inside of the hull
Finally Going Together Finally going together
Testing the new and reconditioned sails Testing the sails
The details and personal additions Updating the inside of the hull
In the water. Finally in the water
Sailing on Keuka Lake. Sailing on Keuka Lake