SN 086's Story
Or what we've been able to piece together!

Missing Hull Identification Number Missing Hull Identification Number
The pictures above are from where we picked the boat up on the Magothy River in Sept. 2007.

SN 086, a 1985 model, has an interesting past.
Built at the Olson factory in Santa Cruz, CA, it apparently was first sold in Colorado where it was dry sailed in the Colorado lakes for a number of years.  From the spotty records I can find it appears there may have been two different owners while it was in Colorado.
It was then purchased by a Navy fellow who took it to Monterey CA before being transferred to Washington, DC.  There it was stored on a trailer in the Navy storage yard in Annapolis for many years before being purchased in 2002 by a man (from Annapolis) that wanted to try sailboat racing with his own boat.  Unfortunately he wound up doing most of his racing on friends boats.  Because when I bought 086 in Sept. 2007 it came with a brand new North 3DL Genoa and Main.  They were both 2 years old and never hoisted.
The boat also came with a new mast and standing rigging because of a freak microburst storm in 2005 that broke the mast while the boat was on it's mooring.

Somewhere in the late 1980's, while the boat was still in Colorado, there must have been major damage done to the starboard side transom.  I first realized this when I went to double check that all the hull identification numbers (HIN) matched what was on the title.  Image my surprise when there was not an HIN on the transom!  I couldn't figure it out until I crawled all the way into the stern and was able to see there had been fiberglass work done on the starboard transom.  Whoever did the repair did an outstanding job as the exterior seams where the deck meets the hull are much better assembled then what is from the factory on the port side.

A clue as to how long ago the repair was made came about after I removed the old lettering that was on the starboard side transom.  When the light was just right and you looked at the transom surface at a slight angle you could make out the words "Steamboat Springs Colorado" still somewhat visible in the gelcoat.
The repair to the transom shed a lot of light on why the upper rudder support and the cockpit floor lazarette cover were made of wood.  They too must have been destroyed when the damage was done. And there were items in the interior that led me to believe the boat must have sunk, or at the least, taken on enough water to require cushions and hatch cover boards to be replaced.

Our goal with this, our second O25, was to make it a comfortable daysailer/weekend overnighter with a little bit of casual racer thrown in.  So some of the upgrades may not appeal to diehard racing fans.

The pictures and explanations I've put together on this site show many of the things that I have repaired, replaced or upgraded.  It should be pointed out that my personal business manufactures and machines custom items from aluminum, so many of the repairs and upgrades were done with this capability in mind.  If anyone is interested in more information about any of these items please contact me through the Olson 25 newsgroup on Yahoo.  Thanks, and good sailing!

Acquiring SN086
Acquiring SN086
Olson 25 Rudder Upper Support Replacement
Rudder Upper Support Replacement
Olson 25 Rudder Lower Bearing Replacement
Rudder Lower Bearing Replacement
Olson 25 Rudder Shaft Repair
Rudder Shaft Repair
Olson 25 Keel Attachment Reinforcement Plates
Keel Plates
Olson 25 Chainplate Replacement
Chainplate Replacement
Olson 25 Pulpit Attachment Repairs
Pulpit Attachment Repairs
Olson 25 Miscellaneous Details
Miscellaneous Detail
Olson 25 New Equipment
New Equipment
Olson 25 Backstay Adjuster Upgrade
Backstay Adjuster
Olson 25 Stanchion Support
Stanchion support
Olson 25 Stanchion Support
Mast Raising