N93FR - 1969 Piper Cherokee PA-28-140, S/N 26047

1969 Piper Cherokee PA-28-140, S/N 26047 1969 Piper Cherokee PA-28-140, S/N 26047

We had sold our Rearwin Cloudster (see Past Toys) back in the very early 2000's so it had been about 15 years since I last flew.  I always wanted to own my own airplane again so in late 2016 I decided to take a few lessons to see if I was still interested.  One thing led to another, along with a change in my personal life that require a bit of travel, and I owned the Cherokee.  I had decided I didn't want a retractable because of the increased cost and maintenance plus had a few other requirements.  Although I love taildraggers I knew I wouldn't always be current enough to feel confident in all types of crosswinds.  I wanted to be able to go when I wanted and not worry about crosswinds so that meant tricycle landing gear.  Also wanted good parts availability, at least 700 pounds usefull load, something within my budget and Lycoming powdered.

I purchased it from a very interesting gentleman from Ocean City, New Jersey.  He had owned it for about 3 years and in that time had replaced some of the old avionics, had it painted and had all the seats reupholstered at Airtex.  The interesting part is that he was 95 years old and still flying.

Currently it only has about 2500 hours total time and 250 hours on a Factory overhaul.

In October I upgraded the avionics a bit more by adding an L3 NGT9000 to comply with the new ADS-B requirement.  At the same time a new PS Engineering PS7000 audio panel was installed.  SureFlight at Chester County airport (MQS) did a great job with the work.

Recently it had a fairly extensive annual in November/December 2017 where several modifications were done.
  -New Lycoming cylinders to upgrade to 160hp using the Plane Dymanix STC's.  This upgrade requires one STC to upgrade the engine and another STC to put the upgraded engine onto the airplane.
  -Art Mattson prop tip modification also using a Plane Dymanix STC.  The prop was overhauled and modified at Sensenich Propellor in Lancaster, PA.
  -Vortex Generators, again using the Plane Dynamix STC.